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So this is what I got. Papers, chipboard, adhesive, some more punches on sale, and 4 cartridges. Buy one get one free at Fred Meyers.

Lasting Memories is a small craft store in the local city. They are going out of business unfortunately. So I went there and got majority of my stuff for about 30% off. I compared it to shopping at OMcrafts and with shipping, 20% percent discounts and taxes, lasting memories was still cheaper. I spent about an hour there. I loved it! I will be back in a week for more sales! THis store carried a lot of items my local Michaels does not carry. I bought only things that Michaels didn't carry because with my 50% off coupon from Michaels I can get stuff there for cheaper.. So most of these were from Lasting memories except my board and adhesive. LOL
Here are my items.

So, I ran to Michaels since I have not been there in ages. I picked up three things. One is the Hero stamps, my favorite brand and another is the grided cutting mat from Martha Stewart. I used the 40% coupon! So 20.00 off. I also got the padded of paper. Yeah, nothing too exciting huh? I need some punches and nestibilities and I am good!
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It has been over a year since I posted a blog! I am so happy to be back blogging and sharing my crafts again. I haven't done any crafts in such a long time! This will be my outlet from the stay home world. I am hoping to pick up about 36 pads of stamps from stampin' up. I have changed the set up of my scrapbook room and this is the latest picture. Life has been busy as always but I hope and pray that it will slow down soon so I may enjoy some quiet time and life. Anyways, I will be posting more soon!

I am so sorry I have updated my blog. I know that not many people follow it because I don't have all the nicest and coolest cards... but once I get all my tools and supplies I promise that I will update more often. I haven't made anything nice. I want to go out and buy ore supplies especially the spellbinders nestibilities. I really want to make cards out of them. I feel like I never have enough supplies to do anything with any of my stuff. I only have a total of 4 carts for my E, one die cut for my big shot, and a few tiny folders for my cuttlebug but they are too small to even do anything with them. I gave them all to my daughter. :)

Anywho, around christmas time I should have tons of stuff to craft with.. so I will update then. That is my plan for this black friday and Christmas is to buy tons of crafts and a camcorder to do videos. :)
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Aren't these cards cute? I use the stampin' up stamps in order to create all these images. I don't sell them or anything. Just wanted to tell you in case you might be curious!