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Aren't these cards cute? I use the stampin' up stamps in order to create all these images. I don't sell them or anything. Just wanted to tell you in case you might be curious!

I picked up 2 items from M's today. One is a heat gun for embossing and stamps from Hero Arts. Real quick, Hero Arts clear stamps seems to be the best quality. The images always comes out just perfect. The other stamps not so much. Tends to blur or smear! I like Hero Arts, but it's just too bad that M's don't carry a variety of them.. only a handful!
Here is the 50% off coupon link to Joann. enjoy! You can use them at M's as well! :)

I was youtubing and came across a video on how to make envelope. I thought it was totally cute so I decided to give it a try! :) What you think? To be honest, I didn't take the time to measure, so I did it by mostly guessing. LOL! I'm so impatient.
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Hello, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am very new to making cards, just wanted to reiterate that. This card I just made when I work up. I use the E to cut out the tags and everything else is just using the stamp. I have been using watercolors. I love it, gives it a real unique look. Once I get my hands on the copic markers, who knows what I'd be doing next! I don't have much to be able to do nice things YET! I am hoping around Christmas time I will be able to learn techniques and do much nicer cards.

Ok, so I went and got two stamp blocks today. One was from Martha Stewart, and the other is Inkadinkado. If you looked in my previous pic, the MS one has a handle that comes in the box so you can glue it on. How cool is that?! So because they were 30% off, I went ahead and got it. It rang up 6.99, orig. price was 9.99. Then, I got the bigger block from Ink, had a coupon for 50% off, rang up for 5.50, orig. was 10.99. Okay, got that? :o)

So..... what I did was I took the handle from the MS stamp block and glued it to my bigger block. The small block doesn't need a handle not so much as the bigger ones. Here's a pic of it. Cool huh?!

I know! Such a bad addiction! The people on the cricuit board are such enablers that it doesn't help either... kidding. The other day, I said no more M's for about 2 weeks. I am now back couple days later... I just can't refuse to let those 50% off coupons not be used! It's crazy insane! So, tadahhhhhh! (My camera just really sucks! I hate it!) Give me any suggestions for a cheap camcorder so I can do a video instead, thanks! Here are my items, Martha stewart stamp block ( 30% off), Martha Stewart clear bird stamps ( You really got to check these out, these are a must have!), Another big stamp block, and a mini pop dots to make things look more dimensional, then a 1.00 cutsie stamp!
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Okay, so I went to Michaels and Joann's. I got 5 clear 1.00 stamps, 2 package of stamps that retailed for 9.99 each, 2 rubber wooden stamps for 1.00, 4 ribbons, a fiskar easy stamp press, 1 black memories ink pad, and another one from Stampology, that is also in black. It was fun, but hard since I had my daughter with me. Something about kids and Michaels just don't mix! There is always a kid crying in that store just like Wally World! LOL!
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I will be making a few stops to 2 Michaels and Joann's. I am super, duper excited! I will post and take pictures of what I've gotten as soon as I get back. Anywho, I posted a picture on of my new craft room. Hubby is not too thrilled with me at the moment. LOL I took over one room to make it my office, has desk, file cabinets, and printers. You get the picture.. Not only that, I've now taken over the guest room for my craft room. I know, isn't that bad?! We rarely have any guest, and if we do.. we'll just pull out the inflatable mattress! :o)
Here is a pic of my craft room. The room is very well lit, just the camera is a POCrap. LOL. I mean literally. I am a starter and still in the process of revamping this room and adding more to my collections!!
I love scrapbooking, but I have been enjoying Stamps more! Stamps are new to me. Today, I picked up water color pencils and am thrill to use them! I can't wait to show you more of my work in progress. I don't have the nicest cards, but I will get there.