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Okay, so I went to Michaels and Joann's. I got 5 clear 1.00 stamps, 2 package of stamps that retailed for 9.99 each, 2 rubber wooden stamps for 1.00, 4 ribbons, a fiskar easy stamp press, 1 black memories ink pad, and another one from Stampology, that is also in black. It was fun, but hard since I had my daughter with me. Something about kids and Michaels just don't mix! There is always a kid crying in that store just like Wally World! LOL!


Jo said...

Very nice blog! Congrats! Joyce B

Bug Junkie said...

Nice haul! Your off to a great start on your blog, too

Lisa said...

Nice blog! Can't wait to see what you do in the future!

Brenda said...

Lovin your are going to love blogging!I have met sooo many awesome ladies and got so inspired!

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