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I will be making a few stops to 2 Michaels and Joann's. I am super, duper excited! I will post and take pictures of what I've gotten as soon as I get back. Anywho, I posted a picture on of my new craft room. Hubby is not too thrilled with me at the moment. LOL I took over one room to make it my office, has desk, file cabinets, and printers. You get the picture.. Not only that, I've now taken over the guest room for my craft room. I know, isn't that bad?! We rarely have any guest, and if we do.. we'll just pull out the inflatable mattress! :o)
Here is a pic of my craft room. The room is very well lit, just the camera is a POCrap. LOL. I mean literally. I am a starter and still in the process of revamping this room and adding more to my collections!!


Brenda said...

I love your wall! I know what you mean about taking over the house!!!

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